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Hi, my name is Randall Eck and I am a sophomore doubling majoring in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science and Political Science. I am working with the aging team to develop a model of translational and RNA stress granule activity during normal aging. I spent a summer in the Czech Republic conducting research at the Institute of Parasitology through UBRP’s Prozkoumat program. I hope to continue on to a Ph.D program after I graduate. If you ever want to know whats going on in the news, I am your guy!

I am a junior studying Neuroscience and Cognitive Science and Molecular and Cellular biology with the goal of pursuing graduate school. I am working on a project that studies potential translational targets of TDP-43 to understand the role of TDP-43 in translation dysregulation. Outside of the lab I really enjoy hiking and spending time on Mt. Lemmon.

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