Current Members


Lisa Nagy, PhD.

Principal Investigator.

Benjamin Goldman-Huertas, PhD.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Hector Daniel Garcia-Verdugo, BS/BA.

Research Technician

Tara Coalter

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Madi Trujillo

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Experiment Description: The project I am working on is using CRISPR homology directed repair in Tribolium DNA to attach a fluorescent protein to embryonic patterning genes so that they can be tracked throughout development. This tracking will demonstrate the similarities or differences of these genes in development of Tribolium compared to other species and aid in our understanding of evolution.

Bennett Van Camp

Undergraduate Research Assistant

He is currently working on transcriptional DNA circuits in the early Tribolium embryo

Samir Hinn

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Tianna Graham

Undergraduate Research Assistant


Aimee Nguyen

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Gone but not forgotten:

Matthew Terry, Postdoc

Matt Stansbury, Postdoc

Julia Bowsher, Postdoc

Susan Hester, Postdoc

Elizabeth Jockusch, Postdoc

Ayaki Nakamoto, Postdoc

Armin Moczek, Postdoc

Adriana Briscoe, Postdoc

AJ Stangl, Master’s student

Janet Courtright, Master’s student

Bob Reed, Grad Student

William Sewell, Grad Student

Ryan Pace, Grad Student

Maey Gharbiah, Grad Student

Jessica Wandelt, Grad Student

Dave Lambert, Grad Student

Candice Nulsen, Grad Student

Beata Blachuta, Grad Student