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Nichole Eshleman graduates!

A momentous day in the lab – our first grad student, Nichole, successfully defended her Ph.D on the regulation of cytoplasmic mRNA decay. More pictures to follow but for now, suffice to say – we’re all very proud of you Nichole, and look forward to seeing what the future brings!


Amanda Warner – scholarships and awards

We’re lucky to have Amanda Warner in lab, already a Beckman Scholar, who this Spring earned an additional 4 scholarships and 2 awards:

1. Travel grant from BECUR (Biological, engineering, and chemical undergraduate research conference) to the Experimental Biology Conference 2020
2. Danny Brower Memorial Scholarship from MCB Department-to support student scientists
3. Excellence Awards in Biological Sciences from CBC Department-for lab supplies to support student research
4. Michael A. Wells Memorial Scholarship from CBC Department-for conference fees and lab supplies to support science communication
5. Dr. Thomas and Candace Grogan Scholarship from CBC Department-for supporting college expenses for students in science with financial need
6. Klaiman Memorial Scholarship from College of Science-for supporting college education for females in the STEM field with financial need
Many congratulations Amanda, and thank you to all of the above organizations for helping Amanda conduct research in our lab.

Nikita and Nichole publish a Book Chapter!

Happy to announce that Nikita and Nichole have published a book chapter examining the role that stress granules may play in facilitating pathological aggregates implicated in ALS.

Thanks to Rita Sattler and Chris Donnelly for the opportunity to contribute to the book “RNA Metabolism in Neurodegenerative Diseases”